Barbara Bui Fall 2013 crop Barbara Bui Fall 2013

Oh yes. That crop.



Jumper - eBay//Skirt- Topshop//Shoes - Adidas

All of my favourite items at the moment. Do they match when put together? Can't really tell, don't really care because I feel minty fresh. Yes. Minty fresh. There ain't nothing like an eBay Jeremy Scott knock off to lift your spirits. Cowabunga dude.



ain't laurent without yves saint laurent name change t-shirt
ain't laurent without yves saint laurent name change sweatshirt
Available here.

Genius. When I first caught wind of Saint Laurent's loss of the Yves, I must confess, I squirmed. Doesn't quite seem right to me; no YSL, no interlocked letters, no.... role of the tongue-y-ness, but like most others I didn't lose much sleep over it, besides, Hedi's debut collection more than made up for the loss in my opinion (hello skinny pin stripe suit...). Saying that, this is just too good not to acknowledge. So good in fact I genuinely considered spending my last £40 on the t-shirt, but alas cinema trips to see Django Unchained got in the way. Priorities right?



chloe sevigny

metallic shoes rose tattoo

Kate Moss
metallic eye shadow

Last exam tomorrow, thank god.



piercing, fashion, alys hale, oyster piercing, fashion, alys hale, oyster
Oyster via. Studded Hearts

Being quite an avid piercing enthusiast (8 and counting...) there's no surprise really that this shoot caught my eye. I honestly thought I had maxed out on the piercings that I wanted but now I can't help but consider punching a few more holes in my body.

Also need to get brushing up on them french braids.



Sheila Maquez for Vogue.es

That jumper paired with the Acne suit makes a pretty dreamy ensemble. Remind me to invest in something pin striped asap, cheers.



I've been on self inflicted lock down the past few weeks in order to ensure that I don't fail my January exams, so I haven't really had chance to hit up the sales... although, after exams I might treat myself to this gem by Sparkle & Fade at Urban Outfitters. £198 to £80, er, it would be dumb not to. Lets just hope that it doesn't sell out!

PS. Happy 2013!!!!




I think one of my favourite things about fashion, apposed to other kinds of art/expression/whatever you wanna call it, is how much fun it can be. Despite common opinion, there's a real sense of humor a lot of the time y'know, people don't take themselves too seriously. I mean obviously I'm speaking generally here, but blogs like Fashgif and Fashematics really do highlight the fun side. Lighten up, have a laugh, it's Christmas after all.



Pixie Market

One of my favourite outfits I've seen in a while, pretty perfect styling if you ask me but do we really expect anything less from Pixie Market? Whilst I've always been very pro dungarees and pro leathery things, when people started combining the two I never really got it, even Phillip Lim couldn't convince me, but now I think I'm seeing the light. I think the slightly skinnier leg and the stripes make it a little less scary to me, who knows. One thing I will say though, not really sure how it would translate in real life, to all those conscious of these kind of things pretty sure this is going to be a one of those man repelling items and then there's also the fact that being a stunning, tall, slender model, you're pretty much in a position to pull anything off. So yeah, I'll probably just stick to denim for the moment but I'll let you know if I have a change of heart.



 I know, I know, two posts in one day, you must be dying in shock but I just needed to get this excitement out of my system. Lulu Chang being one of my favourite bloggers, this has been brewing inside me for a while and when I saw the online shop had been launched today, er, well, I freaked. Alas, everything is about $500 or so out of my price range but if anyone feels like donating to a poor, poor teenage girl then the pieces above are my faves...